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Our goal is to remove 500 Northern Pike. Help us by recording your catch.

All pike must be legally caught. There is a limit of 5 fish per person per day. Fish must be removed from the lake and transported home, or donated to someone else.

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Spider Lake Pike Project

Mission: Northern Pike are an invasive species in Spider Lake. Our aim is to eradicate 500 Northern Pike in the next year before the Wisconsin DNR restocks Spider Lake with walleye.

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Lake Facts

  • Located in Sawyer County, WI
  • 1194 acres
  • Maximum depth: 64 feet
  • Average depth: 14 feet
  • Boat landing at Heinemann's Landing on southeast side of lake
  • Abundant Musky
  • Largemouth bass and Walleye are common
  • Panfish and Smallmouth Bass are present


Spider Lake is part of the Spider Chain of Lakes located 14 miles northeast of Hayward.

Five lakes make up The Chain: Clear Lake, Big Spider Lake, Little Spider Lake, Fawn Lake, and North Lake.


"Managing pike abundance is key to offering quality musky, walleye and pike fishing opportunities."